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Our Roles in Applied Thai Traditional Medicine
We at the Department of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine (ATTM) pride ourselves in training future leaders of health promotion. Our ATTM practitioners are skillful in both curative and rehabilitation practices. They are well-equipped with the knowledge and understanding of ATTM and modern medicine, as well as possessing analytical abilities, enabling them to define innovative solutions, and further develop their body of knowledge in line with the practice guidelines of ATTM. More importantly, our practitioners have strong sense of service, enabling them to disseminate knowledge and skills to the wider communities.

Our Undergraduate Course
The 4-year undergraduate course in Bachelor of ATTM consists of four core components
1. Thai Traditional Medicine
Within this component, students will learn the foundations of Thai Traditional Medicine together with the essential principles from ancient texts. They will be able to draw upon their clinical skills in the applications of disease diagnosis, treatment, consultation, and referral of the patients.
2. Thai Pharmacy
This component will prepare the students on the ethics in pharmacy practice and how to effectively use Thai Herbal Medicines. They will also be trained in the production, formulation, preparation, and quality assurance of Herbal Medicines.
3. Thai Royal Court Massage
From an early stage our students will be enlightened on the prestige history and principles of the Thai Royal Court Massage. They will become adept in clinical diagnosis, provision of appropriate treatments and consultation, which includes the use of herbal medicines. In addition, comparisons of diagnosis in terms of ATTM with modern medicine will be an integral part of our curriculum.
4. Thai Midwifery
This component integrates traditional philosophies of midwifery, maternal and child health care with that of modern medicine. Students will acquire clinical skills and are encouraged to take leading roles in health promotion.

Clinic "Asom Sa-lao"
offers the following curative and health promotion services. Clinic "Asom Sa-lao" is our purpose-built practitioners clinic offers a place where students can put their clinical skills into practice under close guidance of their tutors. The clinic also provides health services to the local communities.
- Diagnosis and provision of treatments from registered practitioners
- Therapeutic massage
- Health promoting massage
- Hot herbal compresses
- Herbal steam baths
- Maternal and child health care
- Prescription of herbal medicine

Clinic 1: 1/1-6 Surasee Road, Phitsanulok
Opens everyday at 8:30—20:30
(Except public holidays)
Tel. 055-253011, 055-253012

Clinic 2: Faculty of Public Health
Third Floor Akathotsarot Building
Opens Mon—Fri at 16:30—20:30
(Except public holidays)
Tel. 055-968652


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