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Naresuan University Language Centre, or NULC, projects a mission to enhance Naresuan University students and staff's foreign language proficiency in order to serve the needs of the community and the university to use language as a tool to seek knowledge and develop careers.

NULC offers services in 3 major operations:
- Self-Access Centre and Language Camp Services
- Language Training Services and General Education English Courses
- Standard English Proficiency Testing Services

Firstly, for Self-Access Centre and Language Camp Services, NULC provides modern English learning materials to facilitate the self-seeking and self-learning styles of young adults; for example,
- Self-Access English language computer programs: to improve the learners' English listening and reading skills through interactive online programs
- Reading activities: to improve the learners' reading skills through activities based on English magazines and foreign novels categorized by literary genres and language levels
- Board games and flash cards: to improve the learners' vocabulary and problem-solving skills
- Movies and television series activities: to improve the learners' listening and cultural skills
- Conversation and English-through-Music activities: to improve the learners' listening and speaking skills

Moreover, NULC encourages the cultural experience and language exchange between Thai and foreign students by hosting English language camps with international collaborations from Ball State University, the United States of America, University of Kent, the United Kingdom, and Southern Cross University, Australia.

Secondly, for Language Training and General Education English Courses, NULC offers intensive language training courses in ASEAN languages such as Myanmar, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Filipino, courses in other oriental languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, as well as courses in all skills of the English language; for example,
- English for Communication
- English for Presentation
- English for Office Work
- English for Naresuan University Supporting Staff
- English Language Proficiency Test Preparation

On top of these training courses, NULC is also in charge of the administration and management of the General Education English Courses offered to all Naresuan University students as a requisite part of their study programs. These courses are Fundamental English, Developmental English and English for Academic Purposes. They involve the effort of more than a handful of university supporting staff, dozens of university lecturers and thousands of university students.

Lastly, for Standard English Proficiency Testing Services, NULC administers 4 English language tests: Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT), Naresuan University Writing Proficiency Test, Chulalongkorn University Test of English Proficiency (CU-TEP) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the first two are offered on a monthly basis for Naresuan University students and staff, and the others are offered on a quarterly basis for Naresuan University community and the general public.

Naresuan University Language Centre epitomizes:
- New Experience
- Ultimate Service
- Learning Hub
- Centre for All

NULC: empowers your future
"Language is power"

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