NU Secondary Demonstration School

1. Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration School's Background
The founding of Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration School (also known as NUD School) relates to the intention of Assoc. Prof. Monton Sanguansermsri, Ph.D., a former President of Naresuan University. He thought that the school would be a school of secondary education based on science, mathematics, and language learning respectively. Therefore, on 30th July, 2005, there was a vote to settle Nareusuan University Secondary Demonstration School as a sector administered under the Office of the President; however, in 2009, there was a vote of Naresuan University Council to decide the school as a department of Education Faculty, having freedom to administrate itself.

There were the first students studying at grade 7 and grade 10 of Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration School in 2006 but in 2014 there have been students in grade 7 for 4 classes, grade 8 for 3 classes, and grade 9 for 4 classes. Moreover, there are two classes emphasized in learning intensive science of grade 10 (4.5 class) and grade 11 (5.5 class) according to the project of Science Ministry. Now, there are 5 classes for both grade 10 and grade 11 but 4 classes of grade 12. As a result, Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration School has 25 classes.

In 2010, Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration School adjusted the school curriculum following to Thai Basic Core Curriculum (revised version 2008) and in 2011 – the present time the school has changed teaching and learning process according to Liberal Arts Education in order to improve students for having potentiality in both science and language.

The School Colours

The School Philosophy
Good Background Knowledge Makes Learning Achievement and Sustainable Development

The School Vision
Make youth scientists having skills in not only language but also technology and lead students to principled morality.

1. To develop school curriculum emphasizing English and modern technology led to qualification international standards.
2. To enhance learning environment using thinking according to Multiple Intelligences Theory, skills, and students' individual talents.
3. To promote and support student centered learning and use research in learning development.
4. To manage learning process relating to students' effectiveness.

Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration School aims at developing students' capabilities with regards to Liberal Arts Education and the school supports all students who have intention to study in higher education at Thai and abroad universities.

2. People
There are 68 people including 35 teachers all having teacher license and 33 officers supporting the management of school.

3. Organization
There are 4 main divisions of school as follows: 1. Academic Affairs, 2. Students Affairs, 3. General Affairs, and 4. School Office.

4. School Curriculum
Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration School has students in grade 7 – grade 12 and the school curriculum has been based on content, knowledge, and learning process which promote skills and competencies of learners in science, language, and technology. Also, the school supports the use of student centered learning. The school curriculum is divided into 2 types as followings:
1. General Classroom: Following to Thai Basic Core Curriculum (revised version 2008) and emphasizing Liberal Arts Education.
2. Science Classroom in University-Affiliated School Project: Supported by Ministry of Science and technology, it highlights health science, physical science, and biological science and makes research skills for students from doing science projects.

5. Learner Development Activities
The school sees importance of learner development activities in order to improve students' potentiality covering desired characteristics. There are students' activities like these:
1. Scout Activities and Territorial Defense Activities
2. Science Projects of Students
3. Club Activities
4. Social Service Activities
5. School Projects promoting life skills of students

6. Location
Naresuan University Secondary Demonstration School
1 Airport Road, Muang District
Phitsanulok, 65000
Tel: 0-5537-8306 to 8311
Fax: 0-5537-8305

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