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The Dental hospital, Faculty of Dentistry has been recognized as an academic professional institute that provides dental care and oral health education since 2000.  The vision of our dental hospital is to serve people for their oral health needs at a national standard level.  Our institute is honored to provide high quality comprehensive, primary, and specialized oral health care to campus students, people, and communities throughout Phitsanulok and Thailand’s lower nothern region.  As parts of our mission, our dental faculties, staffs, and students are committed to promoting the oral health of the communities through excellence in patient care and service. 

The Dental hospital, Faculty of Dentistry consists of several divisions including student clinics, graduate student clinics, and dental faculty practice.  All clinics in every division offer quality oral health services and are well-equipped with modern dental technology and equipment.  Preventive and other dental cares are delivered by students who are enrolled in the doctorate of dental surgery program and allied dental-assisting program.  Dental treatment and oral health education is provided in all areas of oral health care under faculty supervision at all times.  Dental care in graduate student clinics is delivered by dentists who are pursuing advanced education in dental specialist fields.  The dental faculty practice offers comprehensive oral health and maxillo-facial treatment by faculty dentists.  Our patients receive oral health care in a unique and high quality clinical setting from dental educators who are experts in each field of dentistry.

The mission of the Dental Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry to communities is to advancing oral health of a variety of communities and outreached areas in order to improve quality of life of the populations.  Our Dental Hospital is honored to provide dentistry in service to communities with support from Dental Mobile unit under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King.  Naresuan University’s Dental Mobile Unit under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King provides free dental treatment every other month for the people in Thailand’s lower northern region, particularly for the underserved population.  In addition, Naresuan University’s Dental Mobile Unit under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King coordinates with Naresuan University’s Mobile Unit for the Development of People’s Health and Occupation to contribute to academic activities including oral health care and education to address community needs.  The Dental Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry has estimated that the in-community dental treatment has been provided to a minimum of 2,500 people annually.

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