Early Childhood Care Center, Faculty of Nursing, Naresuan University

1. Rationale of the Project
The Early Childhood Care Center at the Faculty of Nursing was established because the Faculty has realized that it will play an important role in the child's health promotion and growth and development including environmental health.
For these reasons, the Faculty of Nursing has this project which is primarily catered to the personnel (supporting staff and lecturers) at Naresuan University. Having the center will help raise morale and increase productivity and efficiency of all the personnel at NU knowing that their children are safe. Also, it is a possible source of research for faculty and a place for nursing student's training.

2. Objectives
1) To provide child-care welfare to personnel at Naresuan University.
2) To be a source for training for nursing students and other students at NU.
3) To provide health promotion in child's growth and development in four domains namely: physical, mental, social, and emotional.
4) To integrate research, teaching and learning.

3. Criteria for Admission of Children
1) Age: 3 months – 3 years
2) The child is normal with no disability and does not need any special care.
3) Admission is based on a first come, first served basis.

4. Requirements for Application
An application shall be provided by the Center and the following shall be submitted:
1) Competed application form
2) Birth certificate 1 copy
3) Household registration 1 copy
4) Child's photo 3 copies (clear and full-face view)
5) Parent's photo 1 copy (clear and full-face view)

5. Things that Parent Should Bring to the Center
1) Clothing 2 – 3 pieces
2) Large bath towel 1 piece
3) Small towel 1 piece
4) Diapers 2 – 3 pieces
5) Feeding bottles
6) Milk in packs (according to child's preference)
7) Toothbrush and toothpaste
8) Small bibs 2 – 3 pieces
9) Large bibs (for eating) 1 piece

6. Things provided by the Center
1) Mattress and cover
2) Glasses for drinking and eating
3) Bath cream

7. Hours and Scheduling Requirements
The Center is open on weekdays (Monday – Friday) from 07:30 – 17:00. The parents should send and pick-up their child as follows:
- Morning 07:30 – 8:30
- Afternoon 16:30 – 17:00

8. The Center is closed
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

9. Fee
- Application Form 40 ฿
- Fee for supplies upon admission (once) 500 ฿
Monthly fee
1) 3 months – 1 year old Amount = 2,900 ฿
2) 1 year – 3 years old Amount = 2,700 ฿

10. Benefits for the Children
1. Nutrition
1.1 The Center provides nutritional food according to the age of the children.
1.2 The Center assures feeding milk to the children is sufficient for the age of the children.

2. Health
2.1 Assessment of the physical condition of the children every day.
2.2 Giving attention on providing comfortable needs of the children.
2.3 Developing personality and behavior of children such as proper manners in eating, brushing teeth, washing hands, and using toilets.
2.4 Children's health check-up by a pediatrician every month.
2.5 Free dental check-up by a dentist every 3 months.
2.6 If a child is suffering from an illness, first care shall be provided. The child shall be separated from other children, and in some cases the parent/s shall be called to bring the child to a doctor.

3. Physical Development
3.1 The Center shall monitor the weight of children from 3 months – 2 years
3.2 once a month and for children 2 years and above, every 3 months.
3.3 Head measurement of children under 2 years every month.
3.4 If no. 1 and 2 above are not normal, an assessment of the child's nutrition shall be conducted.

4. Growth and Development
- Assessment of the child's growth and development for 1 – 3 years every month
- Setting of activities appropriate for the age of the children.
4.1 It there is a problem with the big muscles of children (e.g. leg muscles), the Center shall set activities such as dancing, cycling, and games and sports to develop child's muscles.
4.2 If a child has problem with small muscles (e.g. fingers muscles), the Center shall set activities appropriate for developing the muscles such as using scissors, drawing, and painting.
4.3 The Center shall provide language acquisition activities for the children such as storytelling, singing, and words pronunciation.
4.4 Social development of children by teaching them to help themselves such us tidying their things, keeping toys, eating, washing hands, and self-discipline.
4.5 Cognitive development by providing activities such as listening to music and watching videos for older children.

11. Parent-Center Communication
Every day, the caregiver with the assistance of the Center's nurse shall communicate to parents on the progress and development of their child as well as any problems or issues encountered by the child. The parents are expected to provide full involvement on the child's growth and development.
The parents can communicate with the Center by:
- Talking to the caregiver or nurse assigned when they send or pick-up their child or anytime during the day.
- If the Center or the parents found that the child is suffering from a certain problem, the parent and a representative of the Center shall have an appointment for a meeting to discuss it.
- Parents can evaluate the Center through a form provided or by sending a letter.
- Parents should response and fully cooperate with the Center on any report about the child for his/her benefit.

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