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Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies at Naresuan University

The Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies at Naresuan University is the focal organization responsible for the conservation of arts and culture in the Mekong-Salween region. The Institute is committed to the study, research, and development of this artistic and cultural heritage and to publicize and strengthen cultural networking at all levels of the community. Awareness of the unique identities of the people and communities in the Mekong-Salween region will be promoted and publicized.

1. To be the research unit which provides data complication and information dissemination of people in the Greater Mekong-Salween sub-region through a website, books, and a journal.
2. To be an arts and cultural learning center
- Live Museum provides a learning center with displays and demonstrations of "weaving" as a Thai life style.
- Textile Museum displays various costumes worn by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, exhibits textiles of ethnic groups, such as the Tai Khrang, Tai Dam, and Tai Phuan along with textiles based in the Mekong-Salween region.
- Naresuan University Art Gallery offers an exhibition of Thai national artists and temporary art exhibitions at both regional and international levels.
3. To be an integral arts and cultural organization cooperating with organizations inside and outside of the university.
- Faculties/schools/colleges: integrates arts and culture for student learning and activities.
- Public organization: integrates with other organizations in order to strengthen partnerships on arts and culture.

Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies at Naresuan University
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