Art & Culture

1. To handle various activities dealing with the central activity unit that has been responding to promote the arts, cultures and local wisdom activities ensuring compliance with the university policies.
2. To handle the project's annual action plan. There are 4 projects per annual budget like the following:
      - Cultural Arts Promotion of Higher Education
      - Thai Music of Higher Education
      - Enhancing Thailand-Laos friendly Relationships
      - Cultural Arts Preservation
3. Performing Cultural Arts and Local Wisdom Club

Naresuan University Country Music Band or NU Band
1. To train a performance of dancing and singing skills for the student who has been interested in this stuff every month.
2. To handle the country music (Luk Thung Music) performing show in the form of NU Band and other shows.
3. To handle the training and workshop dealing with the music and singing, and performing skills for the students.

Luk Phra Kha Netra Training Room
1. To provide the training room service. There is the mirror with a size of 8 x 12 meters.
2. To provide the performing dresses service which is the kind of Luk Thung clothing and apparels
3. To provide the counseling and guidance services dealing with the pattern of activities and performing shows

Musical Training Room
1. To service the musical training room and recording room for the students and internal organizations of Naresuan University. 2. To services the sound system, speakers, stereo components, and music instruments for operating the activities in the university. 3. To provide the counseling and guidance services dealing with the musical activities.

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